Did You Know?

  • 2 Years Running 1st Princesses Were Crowned Miss Gibraltar

    For 2 years running, 1st Princesses were crowned Miss Gibraltar the following year. 1985 - 1987
  • 3 Family Members Won The Crown

    3 Members of one family have won the crown...Grace Valverde in 1966, Grace's daughter Michelle Torres in 1992 and Grace's niece, Melanie Chipolina in 2005.

  • Average Height

    The average height for a Miss Gibraltar is 1.68cm tall.
  • International Pageants

    Miss Gibraltar has won special awards at International Pageants three times. In 1984 Jessica Palao won Miss Congeniality at Miss Universe. In 1986, Dominque Martinez  won Miss Personality at Miss World, and in 2009 Kaiane Aldorino won the Miss World Beach Beauty contest.
  • Location Used

    Premises used: Wellington Front, St. Michael's Cave, Queen's Cinema, The Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar Casino, Alameda Open Air Theatre.
  • Miss World 2009

    Only once has Gibraltar won a top prize at an international beauty pageant: Kaiane Aldorino Miss World 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • No Show

    No show was held in 1960, 1961, 1962 & 1963.

  • Popular Name

    The most popular name amongst winners is Rosemary. - Rosemary Viñales (1965), Rosemary Catania (1972), Rosemary Parody (1976)
  • Popular Star Sign

    Virgo has been the most popular star sign amongst past winners.
  • Score System Went Computerised

    In 1998 the scoring system went computerised.
  • Shortest Miss Gibraltar

    Shortest Miss Gibraltar - 1.57cm - 1973 Josephine Rodriguez, 1977 Lourdes Holmes, 1998 Melanie Soiza.
  • Show Has One Winner Produced Another

    Twice in the history of the show has one winner produced another. In 1966 Grace Valverde won the title. 26 years later in 1992 her daughter Michelle Torres was crowned Miss Gibraltar. In 1982 Louise Gillingwater was Miss Gibraltar, her daughter, Michelle Gillingwater Pedersen winning the title in 2011.
  • Sisters In The Top 3 Positions

    Sisters in top 3 positions:

    Miss Gibraltar 1971 - Lizette Chipolina and Suzanne Chipolina -2nd Princess in 1972

    Miss Gibraltar 1984 - Karina Hollands and Michelle Hollands - 2nd Princess in 1985

    Miss Gibraltar 1987 - Maite Sanchez and Karina Sanchez - 1st Princess in 1997

    Miss Gibraltar 1995 - Monique Chiara and Bianca Chiara - 2nd Princess in 2002

    Miss Gibraltar 2003 - Kim Falzun and Lian Falzun 1st Princess 2006
  • The First Ever Miss Gibraltar In 1959

    The first ever Miss Gibraltar was 23 year old Viola Abudarham, crowned in 1959. She was born under the star sign of Aries and was 1.67cm tall with black hair and brown eyes.
  • The Tallest Miss Gibraltar

    The tallest Miss Gibraltar - Jessica Baldachino (Miss Gibraltar 2012) - 1.83cm tall.

  • The Youngest Ever Miss Gibraltar At The Age Of 17

    The youngest ever Miss Gibraltar - Melissa Berllaque. She was crowned in 1994 at the age of 17, 1 month and 20 days.
  • Top Artists

    Top artist performances: Albert Hammond, Elaine Paige, Wigfield, Dyango, Melon Diesel, Paco de Lucia, Rolf Harris and Sinita.